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So, I’m a 40 something wife, mum of 3, lover of Jesus and I tend to start a lot of sentences with ‘so’. I started this blog back in 2010 shortly after my husband and I had committed our lives to Jesus. There was so much going on that I just wanted to write it all down, really as a record for us, but as time went on and people asked about our story and gave nice comments on the blog I realised it might be impacting others. Originally the blog was hosted at Blogger, so if you want to catch the early posts you can still do that over here.

So, now, 7 years on I still write about the crazy life of following Jesus and what that means for us and our family. In 7 years sooooo much has happened, our lives have literally been transformed in amazing ways and much of that litters the virtual pages of this blog, so do have a dive in and see what you find.

img_20160730_111613-2I am now a Curate in the Church of England, so I write about that sometimes and the journey it has been to get here too. Plus you’ll find the odd sermon or theological reflection in amongst it all and of course, I love God’s word and love to write about that so expect the bible to appear frequently.

I also love to rant, er I mean write, about my love of the good old CofE, which is at times sorely tested but someone once told me that the greek for ‘frustration’ is the same as the word meaning ‘vision’ so I take frustration as a good thing… (after the event that is, during, there is often ranting, which also litters these posts, sorry about that). Lastly I love a bit of drawing/doodling while I pray or listen to stuff so there’s also posts on getting creative.

What I write here is just my opinions and don’t necessarily represent my church or the CofE, but I hope that they might be a little bit interesting, perhaps entertaining and maybe even sometimes faintly amusing. If they impact you or make you think, or mean something to you then that’s just amazing. I do love to chat, so feel free to comment, it’s always good to discuss other peoples views so do join the conversation!

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Just a little thing, and a bit dull, but feel I should say…
I am a creative type so I do value the stuff I put together, whether it’s in words, photos or pictures, however I also recognise that it’s all God-given. So I’d love it if you want to share anything I’ve written/created/photographed/drawn, but I’d really appreciate it if you drop me a line and ask first.

Jules  xx 



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  1. Lahna Pottle says:

    Hi Jules, we’d love to talk to you about an exciting opportunity coming up towards the end of January. Please email back for more information!
    Lahna Pottle
    Christian Aid Week Fundraising Officer

  2. Hi Jules,

    Here at SPCK Publishing we love your blog! It would be great to be able to send you news about our forthcoming titles from time to time. Please do drop me an email if this is something you would be interested in.

    Thanks and best,
    Elizabeth Neep
    Publicity Executive
    SPCK Publishing

  3. Jane Wheeldon says:

    I’ve just taken the first steps on my journey and have also just found your blog so am looking forward to following it. I too am a mum of 3 in my forties

    • Jules
      Jules says:

      That’s great Jane, hope the journey goes well. Do let me know if I can help or advise with anything.

  4. I’ve been dipping in and out of your blog for a bit now, and really like your style of writing. It kind of feels like the way I think!
    I’ve been dipping my toes into the stream of vocational exploration (with a mind to ordination) for about ten years now. Eighteen months ago I started paddling – I went to see my DDO and had subsequent meetings with an ADDO, and the Bishop. The Bishop sent me away saying I wasn’t BAP ready yet (a relief tbh!) and to come back when I’d had some focus time. That was a year ago. So just last week I went back to the ADDO who agreed it’s time for me to venture in up to my waist. Am just waiting for a call from the Bishop’s office so I can find out if it’s time to swim in the murky waters of going to a BAP… And in the meantime I’ll keep coming back here for your brilliant writing and inspiring thoughts on being someone who loves Jesus very very much!

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