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As regular readers will know I’m a big journaling fan, so I was excited when the lovely peeps at SPCK sent me 4, yes 4, copies of this lovely new journal to give away! Want to be in it to win one? Then read on…

If you love journalling but are a bit bored of blank pages; or you’ve had a secular journal but need something to help you draw closer to Jesus; or maybe you just want to try something new, then this journal is for you!

When I asked author Carol Petley if she had written books previously she guffawed with laughter; ‘no Jules!’ she said. Then she told me how she had searched for a Christian journal that would challenge her, get her thinking and help her grow closer to Jesus but couldn’t find one. Instead God sent her on a journey to produce one herself, surprising her every step of the way.

Carol first had the idea after buying a secular Q&A journal for her daughter-in-law a few years ago. She liked it so much she bought one for herself too, so they had something to talk about together. But it turned out that the journal was going to be so much more than a talking point as she found that, as the years went on, it really spoke to her about her life as she reflected on each year gone before.

This inspired Carol to think about writing a Christian Q&A journal. As she notes, what better way to end each day than thinking about your relationship with Jesus? And each day the journal helps you to do just that, with a short scripture to read and a question to get you thinking. From life questions like ‘what major task have you accomplished recently’ to the more overt ‘how are you trying to draw near to Jesus?’ there are great prompts for each day and, because the journal covers 5 years, you can go back and reflect on the year(s) gone before too.

God’s journey to production was full of surprises: Carol helps runs an organisation called Waggy Tails that uses dogs to help teenagers with learning disabilities (do look it up, it is completely fab!) and when she first met with SPCK they had assumed that was what she wanted to write about. Carol felt she was there under false pretences! But God had a plan and her idea passed all the approval stages, even with SPCK admitting they had not published anything like this before. And it seems like God’s plan for the journal is already playing out. Carol told me how she took a pre-release copy of the journal along to a group of friends who are not Christians and she saw how it was a great conversation starter, as they were keen to look up special dates like birthdays and ended up having the most evangelistic conversation she’s ever had with them!

So that’s where the give away comes in. We have 4 copies of this beautiful book to give away, so to enter, we’d love to hear who you would choose to give this journal to if you won a copy and why? You can send your answers by commenting below or via the blog Facebook page here.


The Q&A bible verse 5 year journal is published by SPCK and released on 16th November, priced £14.99 and is available from Eden and Amazon (at, it has to be said, varying prices!)


Give Away T&C

To enter the giveaway you must suggest someone you would like to give a copy of the journal to and why. Entries will only be received via comments to this post or the relevant post on my blog Facebook page.

You may enter as many times as you like.

Entries must be received by 11.59pm, Saturday 18th November 2017, any entries after this point will not be included.

The 4 winners will be decided by Jules and Carol and notified via social media by Wednesday 22nd November. Winners will need to provide a postal address to where the prize can be sent. They will be sent out within 3 days of receiving this information.

Family members of Jules and Carol may not enter this giveaway


13 thoughts on “Journal give away!

  1. Katrina says:

    I would give one to one of the mum’s I am alongside.

    I would then buy one for me to use during my discernment process and beyond!

  2. ukviewer says:

    I would like to give the Journal to my Spiritual Director RH, who have for the past eight years provided me with pastoral support, particularly while in the discernment process, dealing with a faculty before going to BAP and with the aftermath on a Non-Recommendation for training for Ordained Ministry in 2012. More recently, he has despite suffering a minor heart incident, continued to offer support to me, and the myriad of people he sees weekly in some instances. As a retired priest, will into his eighties, this is now his ministry, and he is blessed with wisdom, insight, gentleness, but with the ability to speak the hard things, when needed. He is both my SD and Spiritual Inspiration. If I were to describe him, I’d say that his role is a gift to the Church and the many people he cares and prays for so diligently.

  3. Becca Bell says:

    I can’t say who I would give it to as her journey is private and not my story to share but she’s having a tough time and connecting with God isn’t easy. This would be great.

  4. June says:

    I would give this to my pal Magali, who is journeying through licensed lay ministry training. I feel it would be a way for her to record her continued transformation.

  5. Melanie Burnside says:

    What a fab idea, and thanks for the opportunity to win one. I would love to give it to my daughter, she is studying for a masters at the moment but isn’t sure where God is leading her life. It would be fantastic for her to have this exciting period to look back on.

    • Jules
      Jules says:

      Melanie you are a winner! Can you send me the postal address where you’d like it sent to please? DM me via Twitter @redjules or email julesmiddleton(at)

  6. Joy Skinner says:

    I think this is a great resource – both for Christians and those seeking/enquiring about faith. I would give it to a friend I have been supporting for 12 years. She is held back by a history of addiction and abuse but would really like to know Jesus. I have been praying for her for so long and more intensely the last 2 years as her mental and physical health have been poor. She is a wonderful woman with so much potential if only she could break free.

    • Jules
      Jules says:

      Joy, you are a winner! Can you send me the postal address where you’d like it sent to please? DM me via Twitter @redjules or email julesmiddleton(at)

  7. The journal would be a lovely gift to my mum. I plan to buy myself a journal and journey with my mum. Since finding my faith my mum has struggled with hers. Faith is new to me it’s exciting and something that I want to share. To my mum it’s something she has always had and finds my views and ways a little strange and at times difficult to relate to.
    I would love to journal with her. Share what we feel together in a beautiful way.

    • Jules
      Jules says:

      you are a winner! Can you send me the postal address where you’d like it sent to please? DM me via Twitter @redjules or email julesmiddleton(at)

  8. Johnny Douglas says:

    I’d give one to my wonderful sister, who’s a legendary mum of three young children, and buy one for myself, to record the next chapters of my discipleship life with Jesus!

  9. Kate Harrison says:

    I’d give the journal to … myself! I know that sounds mean but I desperately want to have a go at journaling as a spiritual discipline and this would be the perfect opportunity. Plus, the winners are due to be revealed on my birthday. 😊
    (Thanks for considering me 💜)

  10. Alessia says:

    My friend Maria. She is amazing in the way she always has a quote from Scripture to throw at me whenever I need to hear something. I think she would enjoy this format of going through the same verses and journal and see the change over the years. I’d also love to have one each so we can go through it together, keep each other accountable and grow into our relationship with Christ and each other at the same time.

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