Vocation & Discernment in the CofE

A week or so ago I was interviewed by the Church Times about vocations in the Church of England, and to be more specific the discernment process. The lovely people at CT have made the piece available outside their paywall, so if you are interested in what it might be like exploring a call to ordination, do give it a read, here.

And while I’m here, another short plug, if you are looking at the discernment process, I wrote a free guide to it all here on the blog. You can either read it online or download it to enjoy at your own leisure ;) 

3 thoughts on “Vocation & Discernment in the CofE

  1. penny says:

    I have started on the discernment process!! In Canterbury. Just got the heads up on all my forms being perfect and am having my second meeting this month. I’m wondering about deacon as my call is to be a work place chaplain, which fits my current experience. Like jemima Lewis my background is free church and male led. My sister, also a non believer like her aunt, has been a source of surprising encouragement – almost prophetic, much to her embarrassment. I’ve read the blog, downloaded the whole thing as a book on here. Lots of ideas and quite an inspiration. Thank you!

    • Jules
      Jules says:

      Penny, that’s great! It feels so good to really start to get into it doesn’t it? Hope the guide will be really useful and do ask if you have any q’s!
      Blessings, Jules

      • UkViewer says:

        Interesting. I wish Penny well with her discernment process in Canterbury, as in all places, the process is slightly different, but so fulfilling in retrospect.

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