The Curate’s Journey

Stuff about Curacy… All the posts will appear on the blog section but I’ll post a list of links here too, so it forms a resource for anyone who might be interested.

  1. The Curate’s Journey Begins // 14th Jan 2016 (all about finding a title post)
  2. The ‘O’ Word  //  11th Feb 2016 (approaching ordination)
  3. Transitioning // 2nd March 2016 (The in between stage!)
  4. Limbo // 7 April 2016 (the pain of being ‘in between’)
  5. My Armour // 6th May 2016 (Spoken Word piece on the emotions being raised in this time of transition…)
  6. The Battle // 11th May 2016 (update from the previous post!)
  7. Reflecting over boxes // 14th June 2016 (The big move)
  8. Becoming a Revd. // 30th June 2016 (Ordination and retreat)
  9. Surfing Curacy // 22nd August 2016 (Surviving the first few weeks of Curacy)
  10. Dog Collar Dilemma // 30th September 2016 (1st in a series for women on wearing the dog collar)
  11. Dog Collar Dilemma Part 2 // 5th October 2016 (Uniform vs Individual Style)
  12. Dog Collar Dilemma Part 3 // 17th October (guest post by Revd Sandra Sykes from ‘Collared’)
  13. Marriage, Motherhood & Ministry // 17th November 2016 (trying to get the balance right)
  14. Christmas as a Curate // 20th December 2016 (try not to moan about being busy)
  15. Challenging clergy work-life balance // 3rd February 2017 (exactly what it says on the tin – get it right from the start!)
  16. Top Tips for work-life balance // 4th February 2017 (following on from yesterday…)
  17. Surviving the First Year of Curacy // 29th May 2017 (just what it says)
  18. A Priesting Prayer // 12th June 2017 (some thoughts on becoming a Priest) 
  19. The Alternative Priesting Post // 14th June 2017 (humour amongst the reverence, sort of)

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