A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver. Proverbs 25:11

I’m a creative type, so when I encountered Jesus for the first time, I picked up a pen and started journaling everything that I was feeling, learning and discovering. That’s how ‘apples of gold’ was born, as a place to talk about Jesus, faith and life. When I first read the words from Proverbs 25:11 they really spoke to me, as so often we use our words to wound and hurt, to criticise and tear down, rather than to encourage, build up or pour out love. I wanted my writing to be words that would bring life to those who read them and using that proverb as a focus, helps to remind me always to put Jesus at the centre of my writing.

All that nice soppy stuff said, I’ve got to be honest, I fail at that daily. I get ranty, cross, wound up and that often comes out in my blog. Someone once told me that the Greek word for ‘frustration’ is the same as the word meaning ‘vision’ (though I’ve got to be honest I have never found any evidence of that!) so who knows, maybe frustration is a good thing, feeding my passion and drive? (I should probably say that what I write here is purely personal, it doesn’t represent my church, nor the Church of England).

And that personal perspective comes from the life I am surrounded by – I’m a 40 something vicar in the Church of England, wife and mum of 3. We live in Mid Sussex, where I love to get out and about in the countryside or on the water. Although I spend a lot of time inside the church, I’m also passionate about encouraging people to get outside the walls of our church buildings, to share God’s love amongst our communities.

I do love to chat, so feel free to comment, it’s always good to discuss other people’s views so do join the conversation here or on social media.