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Holy Week Reflections | Palm Sunday


Holy Week Reflections start today: Palm Sunday

Each day there are 3 things you can choose to reflect on.

  • An artwork to look at and reflect on for a few minutes
  • a one word prompt related to a scripture passage. You can use these words however you like to consider however you feel about this part of Holy Week.
  • Questions to ask yourself

You might want to just look at the pictures, perhaps you will find the scripture passages help you to focus on the Holy Week narrative, or you might find the questions helpful to continue in reflection. It’s your choice and it might be different each day.

  • Palm Sunday Prompt: TRIUMPH
  • Passage: Luke 19:28-44
  • Image: Palm Sunday by Kai Althoff
  • Spend a few minutes looking at today’s image – how does it make you feel? What emotions or thoughts does it raise in you?
  • In Jesus’ triumphal entry there was also sorrow as he wept over the city, sometimes our triumphs also bring pain. Sometimes our triumphs can seem small and trivial to others but are all consuming for us.
  • What does triumph mean to you?
  • Where are the moments of triumph in your life this week? However big or small?
  • How has Jesus helped you to triumph this week? Where do you need him to help you? Or meet you in your sorrow?

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