in the beginning…

Well, here I am, writing now my third blog, but undoubtedly the most important, in fact the others will go… where do I start? well, at the beginning I guess.
So, I start this blog at the beginning (well, almost the beginning) of my new life. My new life in Christ Jesus. Just over 2 months ago I started a journey that really began 36 years ago (eek am I THAT old?!). A journey to faith. THE faith. Faith in God, in Jesus, in the Holy Spirit, and all that entails. This blog is my journey on that road. My next post will be the real intro to this, a short version of my testimony (the actual version took up 10 pages in Word!)
My new life has made me want to re-evaluate every part of my life, every single thing, from biggies like my job to littlies like do I continue to go to my yoga class? So much has happened in the last few weeks that I don’t want to forget and that I feel I should share. Just the few people who I have shared with have made such lovely comments that I feel this is what God wants. And whilst I re-evaluate the rest of my life this is one small thing I can do to share my love of Jesus.
So, this is my story and my record of this wonderful journey I am embarking upon. It will be the full account, the whole warts and all approach, from my heart. So I make no apologies for being enthusiastic, over the top or a religious nutcase 🙂 I will wobble, fail and fall, I will doubt and wonder, I know that. Neither is this is not a manual for being a good Christian, it’s just my journey and I welcome your comments and questions.

So here goes….

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