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Palm Sunday | 60 Second Sermon

Palm trees waving against a turquoise sky

60 second Sermon for Palm Sunday / BBC Radio Sussex

It starts with a rustling. A realisation. A migration begun. A rumour circling like smoke, 

In the ears of the wisened and gnarly, faith ignites: is this the one, the messiah, a long awaited hope?

Who is this man? this King? coming on a stolen colt and seeking to take our pole position?

The air is filled with talk of redemption, liberation, salvation for the human condition.

It continues with a bustling. A realisation. A migration of word as clamour arises, 

scrambling for a glimpse, palms wave, coats fall, honour given as this party of 1 is recognised.

The sun will set and rise, and a few more, gone now is the awe, honour passes in favour of condemnation

‘Lift him high’ becomes outrage, an angry outcry of ‘crucify’, send him to damnation.

We end with a hustling. A realisation. A migration of my voice, I am in that crowd, my voice calls out with doubt in that street

And for now I sit with that, awaiting the coming joy, but seeking space and depth, to know my Lord, this Holy Week.

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    John bartlett
    April 2, 2023 at 12:27 pm

    Thank you for sharing this. Palm Sunday sets the scene for a violent and turbulent week ahead, and somewhere in it all we need to find time to sit and wait, sit and watch, sit and seek the Lord arisen.

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