Practising being still

I have been challenged recently about resting, and about being still. more specifically being still and resting in Gods presence. Being still and knowing that He is God. Being still is not something I do naturally but I have been trying for some time to be more so.  Today has been very restful, after a rather emmotional rollercoaster yesterday (will be posted about later..). today I have spent time with my mum and aunt having morning tea, for 2 whole hours. 2 hours!! this never happens – usually my tea goes cold because I go onto something else and forget it is there. Then I have had a leisurely lunch in the  garden whilst reading Jeremiah (this is where I have got to in the reading through the bible project I set myself some time back. lets just say Jeremiah is not an easy read..)
Anyway in pursuit of stillness I just sat for a while in the garden. Just sat, no praying, no reading, and this is what I noticed:

: a sparrow dance across the garden and catch a bee in mid flight
: swallows swooping beautifully over the field behind us
: the incredibly loud hum of a host of flying insects enjoying the privet flowers
: wafts of flower fragrances
: a bird feeding its young in the nest in the roof
: colour – the colours of blooms against each other
: the shape of an interesting leaf
: how high the hazel tree has grown in a few weeks
: the amazing angle of a plant stem hanging over the grass seeming to defy gravity
: the heat of the sun on my skin
: the sound of a birds wings beating together just over me
and more…
These things are of God. No, they are God. All these things which I just take for granted, but how amazing to just take a few moments and relish them for what they are.  If ony we all did this more often. Wonder at the things around us. the simple things, yet the things that are God, all around us, every day.
Be still, and know that I am God…  Psalm 46:10

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    July 6, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    Lovely post, Red and so true. What we miss by being always busy and failing to see properly.

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