Simple beauty

In todays paper, amidst all of the utter crap, was a little gem about up and coming sculptor Luke Jerram. Jerram makes glass sculptures of viruses. At first you may think this is rather random, if not a little weird but the sculptures are simply beautiful and yet so simple. Working with a scientists he uses images of various viruses to make his sculptures as near to the actual as possible. Blown up to around a million times their actual size, he does admit that there are some details that cannot be exact, but what he does produce is as near to the germ as possible. What is shows is that even in deadly diseases, is amazing beauty. In a funny way it’s a bit like God saying, well yes, this is a bloody awful thing but at least it can be pretty. There’s a small film below of one of my faves (if that isn’t a weird thing to say about the SARS virus)… but do look at his webiste too, there are some amazing pics.

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