Sunday mornings

This is the first Sunday morning I have seen before 7.30am in a while. You see my lovely husband is definitely a morning person and he is always awake before me, meaning I have a lie in until church. Bliss.. Last night he stayed up to wait for our oldest to come in (she was babysitting for a friend) so I said I would get up with the kids. It was a struggle, don’t get me wrong, I think I sent no.2 downstairs 4 times with an ‘I’ll be there in a minute’ before I actually dragged myself out of bed. (funny, pre-children I was always up ealry – loved it! but there you go, another thing that changes with kids…!)
But. having been up for a while now, I am loving it. The kids have the rare morning treat of an hour of telly, I have been ironing (even that was enjoyable today… ) had a shower, read my blog with a cuppa in peace and quiet. I had forgotten how lovely and peaceful Sunday mornings can be. It’s funny how it doesn’t matter what your religion or belief that Sunday really is a day of rest for most people (or at least the morning anyway!). The road outside is quiet, the milkman hasn’t arrived, nor the bin men. Kids haven’t got to rush around finding shoes, games bags, reading books, homework and so on ad inifinitum…, we don’t have to got to work. In our house there is actually nothing that has to be done this morning until at least 9am, and that is only because we choose to go to church.
The day of rest, whether you’re a Christian or not, is so important. In this busy whorl of life, we are all running round like hamsters on wheels. We spend so little time ‘out’ actually thinking about ourselves and our families, or spending time together, not rushing from one job to the next. And it is nice for me to realise this Sunday morning that, at least in our village, others are taking it at a slower pace too!
Sadly I really do have to get the breakfast now or we will be late for church but this is one pleasure I am going to try and repeat sometime soon (probably minus the ironing too..)

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