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  • Christianity Sermons & Scripture

    Retreat Reflection

    There is definitely something about going on retreat and just stopping, that gives you space. Space to be with God of course, but space to process too, space to think. Space…

  • Christianity Sermons & Scripture

    Selah (again)

    I’ve been slightly obsessed with the word selah for a few years now. It really came to my attention at a Hillsong conference & I can’t even remember why now but…

  • Christianity

    Discovering Sabbath Rest

    I’ve been struggling in the last few weeks to find my rhythm. Having been in a wonderful place of resting in God for weeks on end, suddenly I have been dragged…

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    These past few days my husband and I have been at a spa. It was a joint treat for our 40th birthdays. This is not the kind of thing either of…

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    Illness… again

    Ok, so, a quick update on the whole mystery illness thing… (total aside but Martyn Joseph wrote a song called ‘Celebrity’ which has a great line: ‘…and a mystery illness to…

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    Rest from work or work from rest…?

    As part of our Lifeshapes course at church last weeks shape was the semi-circle, representing a swinging pendulum between rest and work.  It’s a subject that seems to hit home with…