Thy Kingdom Come | 60 second sermon

6o second sermon for BBC Sussex / Thy Kingdom Come

Written for Thy Kingdom Come, thinking about who do we pray for? which 5? This is based on the Lord’s Prayer…

Our Father, our mother, creator, sustainer, one who redeems

God, who holds it all together at the seams

Your bride is in tatters, hurting broken, and numb

For whom do we cry out ‘thy kingdom come?’

For the one breathing raspy last breaths, alone and in fear

As the door from earth to heaven draws ever near:

May thy kingdom come.

For the one where the loaf of the day is a cold can of beans

regular daily sustenance just the stuff of dreams:

May thy kingdom come.

For the one where anger and hate sucks out all light

Poison seeping, cutting  at joy deep in the night:

May thy kingdom come.

For the one on who shame is a burden undeserved,

Trauma and pain lie deeply preserved:

May thy kingdom come

For those who are shackled, pleading for liberation

Needing desperate escape from human damnation:

May thy kingdom come.

In all your glory, dominion and power

Breathe out your spirit, this very hour


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