The DDO looms

A quick post and I probably won’t write again until after this happens (because I am basically bricking it and unable to sit still, let alone string a sentence together). BUT… next week I see the DDO for the first time. I’m rather in shock as my Vicar was sure I wouldn’t be able to see him for some time. I think I suggested after Christmas. So 4 days after seeing my Vic, yes thats 4 DAYS, 4, not 2 months as I had hoped but 4 bloomin’ days, the DDO calls me. right in the middle of my sons birthday party. So, the first time I speak to the man who is going to have rather a large say in my vocation (although not so big as God admittedly), I am surrounded by over excited 7 year old boys wielding pointy sticks and poking them in the chocolate fountain. (don’t ask, it wasn’t my idea…). I am also surrounded by relatives who have not been enlightened yet about my calling. (must get around to that…). So when I realise who is on the phone I run upstairs to escape the noise and chaos, resulting in heavy breathing down the phone. I then have to run back down and then upstairs to get my diary. Brilliant. So the DDO now has the impression of a slightly over excited heavy breathing loony coming to meet him next week. I, meanwhile, am wondering what on earth I am doing.
Those around me who know what is going on seem to be totally unsurprised by the whole thing. I, on the other hand, am quietly going round the bend….
Funny thing is, last weekend someone said to me, you know I think God is going to accelerate this process, it’s going to really speed up. Which of course I completely ignored, because I am relying on the snails pace of the CofE here to get my head straight.
So, by this time next week I either will or won’t be taking the first steps to Vicardom. Maybe he will think that the first impression of the heavy breathing loony is spot on and kick me out there and then. Maybe, on the other hand, he won’t. In which case at the very least I will get a whole new sphere of blogging material… 😉

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    November 13, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    Wonderful news, Red.

    I must say I benefited from the wisdom of my husband who had been through two selection conferences before I started my journey.

    You can prepare for the meeting, and I did, which made me feel more confident. In fact I prepared a paper before each meeting that helped me focus my muddled thoughts.

    If you want any help, contact me through my blog. It is sometimes helpful to have someone who is used to the nuances of the CofE reflect back to you how things sound – it is a broad church and misunderstandings are easy, and sadly quite common.

    Are you in Chichister Diocese? If so there is no Bishop who will ordain you in your diocese and they ship in Bishops to do their dirty work of ordaining women – just don't want that to come as a surprise to you if you don't already know.

    Good luck and God speed – I see so much in your journey that is similar to my own – I hope you are as blessed through it as I have been


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    November 13, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    Thank you so much Lesley I appreciate it and yes I may well be in touch! I wasn't sure whether to prepare or go 'au naturel' this first time! Not that I have much notice anyway 🙂 Yes I had heard about the lovely Bishops down here. crazy. If they are that anti-women they should just say no, it's so hypocritical to ship someone in to do the job for them. I'm sure that will be part of my battle anyway, I will stand up for myself and other women too!!
    red xx

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