the after glow…

This week I have been basking in the after-glow of my baptism renewal. Despite the freezing water it was a totally awesome occasion, which I will never forget. It has been an amazingly busy week as we have an event opening tonight at work (actually I’m writing this in between customers. In fact as it is all up and ready to go this is the first time all week I have been able to just sit and do something for myself – hence no posts in the preceeding 4 days). So it has been busy… and there has been little ‘God-time’ but in the after glow of the baptism I have felt bathed in his love, on a complete high, and it has been wonderful. In complete contrast to the usual stress and panic pre-event opening. Hope this feeling will linger a bit longer.

Now, having been deprived from blogging this week, of course I am champing at the bit to write so there will probably follow a flurry of posts….

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