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Chocolate Nativity Story

I decided for this year’s Christmas Day preach to do something a bit different. I’d seen people do cards for birthdays with chocolate bars used to make sentences and I thought I’d have a go at doing the entire nativity story and a bit of an evangelistic preach with it. I then found online a few people had done this before, so my script below draws from some of those (who are happy for it to be shared) as well as my own bits so feel free to reuse, I didn’t write it all!

Chocolate is in bold (and I’ve explained where necessary!). As you can see from the pics I didn’t end up using all of them as it got quite pricey! My advice is to get a pack of celebrations and heroes to cover a few of them, which is cheaper.  I didn’t print out the entire text just the sentences with chocolate in as it took a lot of space and time – this took about 4 hours to prepare! I stuck the chocolate to the card (mounting board) with velcro so that I could put them on as I went and get people to guess or shout out what they thought it was.

Edit …

I’ve updated this for 2016, so the script can be downloaded below, but I’ve also done a shorter version that works at a school assembly or service (about 4 mins) I got a volunteer to help with holding up the choc instead of using the boards. I’ve also done a Powerpoint to go with the main script so if you re in a larger church and people can’t see what you re holding up then this can go on the screen.

Chocolate Nativity Script ChocNativity2016 FINAL

School Assembly Version (a bit shorter) ChocNativity_SchoolAssembly

Powerpoint ChristmasDay ChristmasDay

John 1:1-14

Ok hands up who has a chocolate Advent calendar? Ok and of you, do any of you have one that actually tells you about Jesus? Well I thought today, we could go one better, and we are going to use chocolate to tell the Christmas story… do you think we can?

Here goes….

Because Christmas is not really about snow
(snow bites or similar) and Santa… (choc Santa). So let’s start at the beginning (and you might have to listen very carefully, and I apologise now for any dodgy puns or very tenuous chocolate links!)

A long time ago, God made the world, in fact the whole galaxy, and it was amazing. He made this beautiful world and put people on it too. He wanted the earth to be filled with people who he loved (love hearts), people just like you and me, because they were so special to him. They were so special he gave them everything.

But… sadly the people were just like us and they didn’t always want to do things god way and they didn’t listen to him and they did a breakaway from God. It all started with a chomp of an apple (use a real one!). And after that it got really really rocky.

There was sadness and suffering and loneliness and even death. Because we’d chosen our way instead of God’s way. But after a bit of a time out in the desert, God wanted all this to change, so he made a plan to stop people drifting (drifter if you can get one) from him.

It all began when a young woman called Mary heard a wispa from an angel, who told her that she would give birth to God’s son. But how could this be? She was not yet married to Joseph. The angel (angel delight) told her not to be afraid, and to call the baby Jesus. It’s a name that means he’ll save people, he’ll make them friends with God again (that’s for us too you know, we can be friends with God!).

Though Joseph was a bit confused, he was a good egg (crème egg) you couldn’t hope to meet a kinder man (kinder egg or bar), so he decided to look after Mary, and God’s baby.

So the story goes that Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem, Mary was heavily pregnant, and Joseph wondered if she’d flake out on the journey so she travelled on a donkey, because they couldn’t get an aero -plane, double decker or even a taxi (I couldn’t find Taxi’s so you could just say car!)

When they arrived, Joseph tried to find lodgings, but they didn’t have a dime – and everyone turned them away. Eventually they found a stable where a kinder innkeeper said they could stay. We don’t know what animals were there, i doubt there was a lion, frog (freddo frog) or a (kit) kat, but there might have been some oxo-n… (oxo cubes)

And there Jesus was born (jelly baby)

Then lots of visitors came to see him.

First some shepherds: they’d been up on the hillside, looking up at the milky way when they heard singing in the sky. Angels sang “glory to God in the highest” and heralded “good news”. The angels told them to go and see God’s son.

You see jesus was the first Christmas gift ever and he was a gift that all of us can receive even now. What an amazing gift that is?

So, straight as an aero the shepherds headed for bethlehem to find Jesus.

Meanwhile a bit further away, there were some wise men – many people called them smarties – who were busily scanning the galaxy and observing the planets, when they saw a new light in the sky. Could it be mars? No, it was a special star (milky way stars or starburst) – signalling the birth of a king. They knew they had to go and see this king. So they packed up their bounty – presents for the new king, a picnic – possibly – did up their buttons (choc buttons) and climbed on their “caramels”. And went to find Jesus.

First they went to Herod’s palace – not afraid to hobnob (biscuit bars better than the actual thing!) with royalty – to see if Herod knew about this royal birth. Herod didn’t really believe the wise men and thought the(m all teasers), but just to make sure – he reckoned he’d butter scotch this rumour before it began to spread throughout Jerusalem. So he decided to fudge the issue by saying that he wanted to go and worship the baby as well – and told the wise men to report to him on their way back. The wise men set off and eventually found the young jesus and they offered him their gifts gold (choc coins), frankincense, and myrrh. Then God warned them in a dream that herod was up to his old twix and really wanted to kill the child. So they took flight (flyte) and headed home another way.

So there’s a few highlights (hot choc sachet) from a well know story, some old fashioned humbugs don’t believe it, but, and here’s the crunch(ie) according to the bible, Jesus is divine, the son of God and was born so that all sorts of people might come know God’s love for them..

Like the shepherds and the wise men, many people are looking for meaning and purpose – some kind of boost in life – a refresher in difficult times. He truly is no minature hero, he is God’s gift to all of you, but you only get to taste how good that gift is when you try it for yourself. So why not make your selection (pack) and choose Jesus in your life… he is a true cause for celebration(s)!

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