Holy Saturday

A little late, but over Easter weekend we held an event at our church called ‘The Altar’. It was part of 24 hours of worship as we ran into the Easter morning service. For once I wasn’t involved in the organising as I was off to my study week the day after, which meant I could experience it without any worries about what was going on, what I needed to be doing, and whether everything was under control – that was someone else’s concern!

My lovely husband leading some worship…

I know that many people were impacted that day just by being in the presence of God, me being one of them. The following is what I wrote in my journal…

Have just walked into a room FILLED with the presence of God.
He is with me.
I am undone…

Without you there is nothing.

Beyond comprehension.

I give you all that I am. The little that is. I am so unworthy. In the face of WHO YOU ARE and what you have done for me, WHO am I?




Let me soak you up. be filled. For you are GOD. You are GOD!! What does that even mean?
How can it be possible that you would meet with me?

Holy Saturday. What must it have been like? A world without you?
Darkness. fear. suffering. hopelessness. What did it feel like?
The pain
Utter hopelessness
did it feel dark? where was the light?

I can’t begin to imagine.

Life without YOU?
I wish I could help people understand that a life without you is empty. It might not even feel it, but when you’ve experienced life WITH God, you never want to go back…

In your presence I am made whole….

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