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Holy Week Reflections | Holy Saturday

Holy Week Reflections | Holy Saturday

Each day there are 3 things you can choose to reflect on.

  • An artwork to look at and reflect on for a few minutes (follow the link)
  • a one word prompt related to a scripture passage. You can use these words however you like to consider however you feel about this part of Holy Week.
  • Questions to ask yourself

You might want to just look at the pictures, perhaps you will find the scripture passages help you to focus on the Holy Week narrative, or you might find the questions helpful to continue in reflection. It’s your choice and it might be different each day.

Holy Saturday prompt: Sorrow

  • Jesus entered Jerusalem in Triumph just a few days earlier, and we read that he wept over Jerusalem. Jesus wept over Jerusalem because so many of them didn’t know God, they didn’t turn to God, they didn’t recognise who God was, and Jesus knows that a life without God is one lived in darkness and brokenness. His tears were shed for the pain of those living without him.
  • We might ask ourselves are there are things in us that might cause Jesus sorrow?
  • What if Jesus were crying, like this (picture) in love for you…

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