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imagine | spoken word for pentecost

Wrote this for this Sunday’s service at TRINITY, thinking about Pentecost in this season… If you’d like to use it for a service that’s fine just let me know and credit me please 🙂

Just imagine…

Imagine – 

picture the scene: followers, friends, family, all gathered in shared belief

prayerfully waiting a promise of power to come from the divine chief.

This eclectic and yet united team, waiting, sky staring, 

unknowing of time but seeking and sharing,

And into this refuge a violent yet holy wind comes tearing.

Just imagine.

Imagine – 

the thundering fear of a thousand knots of power, a deafening cyclone,

did they know from the start this was the plan of The Cornerstone?

Did they cower in awe? 

Or, was there a dawning recognition

as sparks began to fly in divine ignition?

empowering this team with spirited transition for their mission?

The blazing power of God, resting on each,

exploding into unlearned speech,

Declarations of divine wonder going far beyond their own natural reach.

Just imagine.

Imagine –

in the very beginning, before existence even began, 

no form, no shape, nor substance or life span,

God’s master plan as yet undiscovered.

Here, over holy waters deep, this same spirit hovered –

awaiting the creator’s command, and in divine ignition

life exploded in High Definition, the artist’s perfect composition.

From that heavenly inception, the spirit unleashed empowered life in all parts,

Equipping designers in reverent arts,

appointing one with too much self-esteem

to understand the ways of God-given dreams;

Breathing words in the ears of prophets and kings

Birthing longed for offspring, 

and planting a spark in Mary’s womb that caused her to sing.

Just imagine.

Imagine –

this ancient spirit, third person, life giving force,

setting into eager motion each unfamiliar new course –

for all who encounter, who are filled and empowered

whether by flame or breath, word, or souls devoured.

And in the end, on every being it is poured into hearts,

no excluder of persons, gender, age or role. None set apart.

Kingdom visions will abound, divine dreams fly inbound

Words of prophecy surround, signs in number pointing to the one who is crowned.

So, just imagine.

Imagine –

This divine ignition that sparked into life a rock based crew,

equipping those that were sent to preach the word anew.

That same spark is at work in our own hearts for this season

though we might not understand through this rhyme, or through reason –

why this God breathed world faces such dark complication;

there remains a role for each of us in salvation.

Questions are overflowing in every nation and tongue:

why? And, what for? And, how long?

News stories report on increased prayer and online church

Google providing the source of investigative search.

The answers are there, in our hearts if we might share –

with our neighbours and friends, and all for whom we care,

in the power of the spirit, equipped and aware.

Commissioned with the flame of God’s essence from above

our mandate, in person, on screen, in our text, is: to kindle love

if only we had strength to just imagine ourselves with that divine sway,

that before the coming of the Lord’s great and glorious day,

then everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

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