Leaving the last behind…

Whilst sorting through the blog I came across this photo which I was going to post ages ago when I finished my grand clear out (both physically and mentally!). I never got around to it becuase I kept thinking I’m not sure I’ve actually finished the clear out. I kept coming back to the notes I made when doing all that reflection and thinking there was something more to come. But what I have realised recently is that there will always be more to come. God is always working in us to make us more holy. Our aim is to become more like Jesus and that doesn’t happen overnight! Hey even Jesus waited until he was 30 to actually start his ministry…! So I think I had been hoping for some kind of deliberate end, but now I know there never will be. I will always be seeking to be more like him and so there will always be things to deal with. They might not all come in one go like they did recently, but they will come, and I will deal with them, with His help obviously. And as I posted the other day in relation to forgiveness, sometimes they will need to be dealt with more than once and I think I’ve just come to terms with that.
Incidentally this photo is of one of my diaries, all of which I burnt in the fire as I had finished going through them (very therapeutic!). I love this photo because you can just see the sticker I had stuck on the front, a not very flattering description of myself which I thought funny at the time, but look at now in a different light. To see it burning in the fire like that was quite emmotional for me, but at the same time symbolic of leaving all that behind (even if it was 20 years ago…).

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    April 2, 2011 at 9:03 am

    how funny I only just noticed the typo in the title, but it seems kind of appropriate somehow so I'm going to leave it..

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