Making a prayer box…

So some time ago I made myself a prayer box, there were so many people, so many situations to prayer for, I just couldn’t do them all every day! So I got a nice box and put in things and people I wanted to pray for on slips of paper. Now each day, I take 3 a day out of the box and pray for them.

At bedtime each day I pray with my kids and they often go blank about what to pray for and they wanted to use my prayer box, which was nice but a bit difficult as some of the situations and people were just too difficult to explain! then they wanted to put things into my box, and then they wanted to make their own, which was probably the best idea! So yesterday we sat down and they made their own prayer box. I love that this was something they wanted to do and I think it will be a great way to encourage them to pray for situations and people around them. I want them to be prayer warriors! and to recognise both the importance of and the effectiveness of prayer.

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