Massive Apologies

As I have transferred my blog over here from WordPress I have been discovering a few glitches. Tonight I found that in transferring all my old posts (6 years worth!) over here, that the auto-share was sharing them all via soc med – one after the other, after the other… yikes! So this is a¬†quick but big apology to anyone who follows me via Twitter or Facebook, for clogging up your timeline. Thankfully I found out after just 100 posts, but that enough was I am sure, ridiculously annoying and I noticed I’ve lost a few followers already, oops.

So anyway, massive apologies for not being more on the ball, my only excuse is that I am full of mind-numbing painkillers, but nonetheless I am sorry. I don’t know yet if this has affected those of you following via email, which could feasibly have meant 600 odd emails into your inbox. If this has happened to you (and I truly hope not) do get in touch as I would like to say sorry properly.

Jules x

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