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As part of the book launch I really wanted to continue the theme of encouraging people and sharing more about the ministry mum life – showing not just that it’s possible but that ministry mums can thrive! So we hosted a panel discussion with seven ministry mums and one ministry dad.

We recorded it so that it’s easily accessible and might be a resource that people can come back to, or dip in and out of. If you want to watch the live stream it’s on my Facebook page (part 1 here, part 2 here) though a little bit clunky! Otherwise there are audio files below. I’ve also tried to pick out key themes/questions so you can jump to them if you want.

Panel 1: included Jules Middleton (me!), Canon Ann Waiseneker, Dean of Women’s ministry in Chichester Diocese; Revd Caroline Beckett, vicar in Brightlingsea, Essex; and Jac Parson, Baptist Minister at Newhaven Baptist Church.

Panel 1: audio file (MP3)

Panel 2: included Rev Tom Holbird, vicar of St Matthias, Brighton; Rev Polly Kersys-Hull, curate in Leytonstone; Rev Lucy Hollingsworth, self supporting minister and solicitor; and Jo Patterson, Church Related Community Worker in the URC.

Panel 2: audio file (MP3)
The panel!


Panel 1:

Starts with an intro from host Emily Jeffery followed by Elizabeth Neep from SPCK and a few extracts from me

10.55 mins panel starts – intro to each panel member

14: What are the good things about being a parent in ministry?

18: identity / what added layer is there to life as a ministry mum (being in the public eye etc)

22 : what are the challenges of being a parent in ministry?

28: boundaries and expectations

34:  how do you get time for you?

37 – Q’s from the floor:

– how do you spend time with God in your busy schedule?

– how do you deal with your child getting anti Christian sentiment at school?- 

Panel 2:
Starts with intro to new panel

Then a follow up from the first half – anything that struck a chord with you or disagreed with?

3 mins – Maternity leave/ baby in ministry at young age/ taking the baby to work

5: boundaries

9: Is it different being a mum/dad in ministry?

12: as a younger minister what did you hope for in support from the diocese?

14: Is it different in the URC church?

17: sacrifices

21: Q&A

– what do you feel about wanting to bring change in the structure of the church?/ being effective in that?

24 – how do you encourage diversity in the church? Spotting vocation

27 – what would you say to those who think they need to wait until kids older or those who shape decisions eg: Bishops?

31 – final Q – moments you are proud of as a ministry parent?

36 mins – final thank yous and me forgetting to thank the host & panel!! 

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