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Holy Week 2019 / #OurHolyWeek

Holy Week is nearly upon us and as I have done the last few years I’ll be posting some daily refections but this year with a difference, as I will be taking part in #OurHolyWeek

#OurHolyWeek is an idea born on Twitter, through a diverse bunch of people who started chatting about what Holy Week means to them and the themes it raises. Hosted by @OurCofELike we’ll be sharing some of that through Holy Week this year and we’d love you to join us as we explore the breadth and diversity of Holy Week, in a way that might be accessible to many.

Each day there will be a one word prompt and we want to encourage you to explore that theme however you like and to share some thoughts via social media using the hashtag #OurHolyWeek

You can share in words, pictures, or however you like, after all the point is to share what Holy Week means to you personally.

The prompts are:

Palm Sunday: Triumph
Monday: Rage
Tuesday: Love
Wednesday: Betrayal
Maundy Thursday: Serve
Good Friday: Sacrifice
Holy Saturday: Sorrow
Easter Sunday: Resurrection

Hope you can join us!

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