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ProdiGal Daughter

Older black woman being embraced by younger black woman, both smiling

60 second sermon (ok, maybe 90…) for BBC Radio Sussex, 27/3/22 – Mothering Sunday. Based on the Prodigal Son, Luke 15, but with Mother God & Prodigal Daughter.

She stands. With arms wide open – waiting, watching, hoping for a sighting;

each day the same, eyes scanning the horizon as the dawn begins alighting –

the sky with new mercy, renewed hope, fresh faith for a glimpse.

A glimpse of a child, any child, one or more, the lost ones she waits for.

Every one birthed in her words, carried in her heart but not knowing they are adored.

She longs to see in that fleeting moment a shadow approaching in the distance,

gone their carefully constructed resistance, falling against love’s persistence.

She sits. With arms wrapped around her knees, watching, waiting, hoping for security;

each day the same, fear overwhelming, longing to be free of perceived impurity, 

wondering where there is mercy and compassion still to be found.

Or is her lostness to be her forever crown?

never knowing her worth, or a love that will with all encompassing power surround?

She longs to see in that fleeting moment a shadow approaching in the distance,

Letting go of her carefully constructed resistance as she falls into the arms of loving persistence.

May every prodigal, find that divine embrace, that wing to shelter under, 

and as they are found, be celebrated for who they are, in awe and wonder.

May they find a sanctuary so holy that they are made whole, healing balm filling their soul,

resting in arms that will forever console.

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    March 29, 2022 at 12:08 pm

    Absolutely profound, thank you Jules

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