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Psalm 48 // Prayer Doodling

So it’s been a while since I uploaded a video and this time I thought I’d do something a bit different. As part of my module on Spirituality for #VicarSchool, I’ve been praying through the Psalms for a few months, and going back to my creative roots I’ve been doodling through a few of them. Having not done much anything much creative for a while I have loved doing this and it has really helped me to focus on particular parts of each Psalm. I’ve felt while doing it, that even the doodling in itself is a prayer, or an offering to God.

So, I usually start by just writing down whatever words or phrases stand out to me from the Psalm or passage I am looking it, then add to it as I feel led. Sometimes they come out looking great and I’ve tweeted a few, other times they look a bit of a mess but I don’t really mind about that because I’m not creating a word of art but a work of praise…

So here’s a little vid of this mornings efforts from Psalm 48… (apologies for getting my hair in the way frequently!)

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