I’ve been having a good clear out at home recently. It has been incredibly therapeutic and I will write about it more. But for now I just want to share this picture. It came from a very scruffy old book about Michelangelo that was stuffed in a bookshelf, covered in dust! It is his representation of the face of the dead Christ from his sculpture ‘the Pieta’. I have been lucky enough to see this sculpture when I visited Rome. It is simply, stunning. I am amazed by all of Michelangelos work, but this is something else. In person I found it very moving.

However as usual with famous works of art, you cannot get all that close to the sculpture and this photograph is taken from such an angle as one cannot really see in person. And it just really struck me yesterday. The absolute serenity and beauty in the face of Jesus. I suspect that after death his face would have been rather more scratched, bruised and damaged than this, but isn’t this the kind of image we expect to see? a perfect face, so calm and beautiful, so full of love.

Ok, so it’s just a lump of marble, it’s not Jesus, but wow, did it speak to me.

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