Sponsoring a child with Compassion

So this month I am taking part in the Compassion Blog Month. This is a promotion by Compassion US and includes prizes, (which I am telling you so that you don’t think I am being dishonest, but as I’m in the UK it’s unlikely I will be winning those prizes!). And either way that is not why I’m taking part, I’m doing so because I think Compassion is a great organisation and I would love to help them see more kids sponsored.

Compassion UK has a similar drive this month to see 2000 extra kids sponsored during September. (just to clarify they are part of the same organisation, just the UK/US divisions).

So as part of blog month this weeks task is to send people over to the Sponsor a child page and I’m also including the UK counterpart because if you are in the UK and dont want to pay in dollars you need to go here…

Anyway, So I want to introduce to our new compassion adoptee: Nidjenska. She is 6 years old (almost 7) and lives in the north of Haiti.

This is what we know about her so far: She lives with her parents, and is an only child. Her home duties include gardening/farming, making beds, cleaning and helping out in the kitchen. This was a bit of an eye opener to my 6 year old… whose home duties include maing a mess and not clearing it up…

However Nidjenska also likes playing with dolls, playing hide and seek, and drawing – this was more understandable to our daughter! We also know that she attends school, where her performance is above average.

Our daughter is particulalry excited about us sponsoring Nidjenska and is already planning things to send her – which has required some explanation as to why we can’t send her a shoe box full of stuff!

Nidjenska lives in an area of massive poverty, where most are unemployed but if lucky enough, a farmer can earn around £15 a month. The Compassion info tells us that this area needs schools, teachers and employment opportunities, much like the rest of Haiti.

This little girl is the same age as my youngest and yet the differences between their lives are so striking. And there are so many young kids like her who need our support and help. We live in the very affluent west and I think it’s our responsibility to help those who live in areas that are less affluent. Compassion is an amazing organisation, making a difference to thousands of kids all over the world and if you haven’t sponsored one yet, why not think about it today?

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