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I have been somewhat absent from my blog of late, being away on hols, being rather busy at work, being under the weather (again. so boring…) and a few other things, and I have missed it rather a lot. And I’ve had stacks of things to post on but no time, energy or occasionally inclination… Anyway I hope that this will be resumed now…
And I start with some news. I am being referred to the DDO. eeeeeekkk!! This morning I met with our curate, who despite the fact that I hadn’t mentioned anything, had already assumed he was there to talk about ministry. Why am I not surprised anymore?!
It was actually incredibly helpful as my husband was there too, so he could ask about things that were concerning him. And we got a lot of practical advice which was great.
Afterwards, my husband asked me how I felt, and the thing is I didn’t feel anything in particular, it was like it was just another thing in the process that had to be done. Which is not to say that I expected this outcome, I didn’t. I felt completely that God would guide it and that if it was meant to be then he would refer me. But afterwards it just felt like I already knew that would happen. (does that make sense?). And I am not doing down our curate either who is frankly, amazing, and so inspiring and he really helped us this morning, touching on exactly the right things and helping us (particularly my husb) get our heads around everything.
So I have a bit of homework to do and I have a few concerns which I am sure will be aired in the coming weeks…;) But, the first step is made. From here, who knows? Well, other than God…

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    GOD thinker
    November 8, 2010 at 6:01 pm

    Congratualtions! I pray that God will continue to open doors for you and that He gives you peace in all your concerns as you follow His will.

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