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The Greatest Deal

60 second sermon from  BBC Sussex / 24th March 2019

Based on Psalm 61 this short sermon is more of a prayer, in response to some of the news stories this week.



Hear me cry Lord, hear my prayerful emotion

These waves of feeling, working deep inside, putting my soul into commotion

Your beautiful creation is groaning at the weight of despair – and hatred and pain-

An every day dose of mind altering toxic anger-filled rain–


that washes through our news feeds with speed and intensity

Breaking my heart, passionate holy fury taking over me.


Political choices, lies and irresolution, cause fractions and division.

Winds hurl, rains pour, and life is disturbed in a meteorological collision.

Wounded cities pour out their grief as violent hatred leaves praying hands now asleep –

in painful solidarity the world around weeps


Hurting and brooding, I long for the sacred shelter of a divine wing

– a refuge so dependable – seeking safety from turbulent times, dark and threatening


Or for an impenetrable tower whose foundations are profound and pure

I cling to the rock, the only thing, the only one, I know to be sure.


In Jesus there is hope,

eternal promise in the safety of his solid and nurturing embrace

Offering us a reminder of the greatest deal – where we get unwavering eternal grace.


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