Times of Change

Funny how life changes isn’t it. Maybe it’s a modern generation thing? My parents did the same job for years and lived in the same house for years (current one 32 years and still has the same carpet as when they moved in…)

I kind of thought we would be the same. When we moved to where we live now (only 7 miles from the old place!) I thought that it would be for, well, not ever, but a long time. It’s like a little bubble this village, it doesn’t have a through road so people only come here if they live here or are visiting (or lost, often happens when they can’t find the local pub…). It’s a lovely community, people really know each other, we walk across fields to get to school. it’s idyllic. and I love it. However, recently I have had a sense that it isn’t forever, even though I wanted it to be. I think God has been preparing me for what was to come. now we have the prospect of moving at some point if I do go into ministry. it is kind of hanging over us actually. I am not all that bothered, but I now my husband is and I guess the kids too.

And we have just made the decision to move my son to a different school. For a lot of reasons and I know he will really thrive where he is going on so many levels. But it feels like the first step of  host of changes. no longer will I be able to walk them to school. I wil be driving him and getting back just in time to drop no3 at her school. Although we have thought about this very carefully and know it is the right decision it feels so odd. I found myself welling up when telling a friend that he would be leaving!

Everything feels very up in the air at the moment. I am ok with that, I’m not averse to change either, practically relish it actually – a new challenge and all that, but it feels rather like our family stability is being challenged too. No3 will go to the new school too, in 2 years time, and already is voicing her opinions about not wanting to go. and  No.2 was very quiet on going in to his taster day at the new school today and I know that is normal, but all this has just made me realise how many changes they might have to make for the sake of my intended vocation. What we have now is so special, so comforting and yes, stable, I just wonder how it will all affect them. Guess I just have to trust…

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    July 5, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    I so sympathise with this. The changes on those around you are often even harder than the ones on yourself. I have no answers (so not much use there…) but your blog makes me feel like I'm not alone, so thanks!

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