A Commitment…

So moving on from yesterday’s post, a few pages later in the same notebook was this, a song I wrote just days before committing my life to Jesus. 

I have to admit, I started writing this post, again apologising for the lack of literary (or musical) genius but you know, I felt a reprimand for that because actually I remember as I wrote it, it was like God was writing it. I just put my pen on the paper and wrote and this just flowed onto the page. So I’m not apologising for it, because if it is of God, then it’s amazing!

And as I read it now I am reminded of the place I was in. Sometimes you know what you need to do but actually making that decision is pretty big. Once I had done it, life changed forever in such amazing (and sometimes bonkers!) ways. I have never looked back…

Here I stand in the darkness
I’m wandering all alone
I look around me, trying to find 
which way is home.
The one road I want to follow
I can’t see for trees
I’m nearly there, it’s in the distance, 
somehow taunting me.

I want to see you, feel you, know you…

Which way am I going, 
Or am I standing still?
The more I learn, the more I know
I want to climb that hill.
I feel you here, you’re all around me
if I could just be clear,
Why I’m waiting, holding back
When I should pull you near.

I want to see you, feel you, know you…

I’ve been waiting all my life
to make it through, to see the light,
Here I stand before you know,
Take my hand and show me how.

I want to see you, feel you, know you…

Your words surround me, in my bed,
when I want to sleep.
I want to feel your arms around me
Your presence I will keep
in my head and in my heart,
Until I take that step
I’m nearly there, I know it’s coming
I can’t quite let go yet

I want to see you, feel you, know you…
I want to see you, feel you, know you…

Now I can, see you, feel you, know you…