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6o second sermon | Seek Gaze Dwell

Fir trees in a forest with the sunlight shining through the branches.

6o second sermon for BBC Radio Sussex.

Based on Psalm 27 which I have been reflecting on a lot recently.

I seek you. 

Only you. You are all I need.

I seek you in the valleys, the hills, the waters of a stormy sea.

Your home is everywhere and nowhere

No walls to hem you, no curtain to keep out the neighbour’s stare.

Windswept branches form divine gables in the ordinary

Dusky light falls like an invisible boundary.

A rolling wave builds in power to a green cathedral

whilst the waves formed of hill and field provide a blanket of heavenly wool.

Where you dwell, I gaze upon your beauty…

A flash of blue flits by so fast it’s only just in view

but it is still a passing reminder of you.

The smell of the stormy rain on bone dry ground

Fills my mind with your earthy scent, all around.

A seed floating by on the wind echoes your Spirit breathed,

The forest floor full of your life, under its covering enleaved.

The land is alive with your presence, your dwelling is here

Where I seek you, gaze upon you and know you always near.

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