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Epiphany light

60 second sermon/ spoken word from BBC Sussex 12th Jan

Christmas is passed.

Trees shedding their fur lie in sad chaotic piles awaiting collection,

decorations stashed back in a dusty loft corner and we begin our reflection –

as a new year begins, an introspective cloud invades our minds:

what should I change? How can I be better? How do want to be defined?

Our words, posts, feeds flooded with heartfelt personal declaration

of new intention, when perhaps we’d be better off seeking a divine revelation.

As years ago well-dressed sages journeyed with enlightened satnav on holy quest

might we too follow in their way, our life adventure heading to a horizon that is divinely expressed?

Where Potholes dug by modern day Herods who seek to steal our joy

might perhaps be avoided in a light filled Jesus shaped convoy.

Our houses may be denuded of sparkle and glitz as a new year sets out

but let us not be stripped into a light free drought.

Instead let’s follow the light and be led towards the king that we –

might find our hearts illuminated with the light of epiphany.

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