Vocation & Discernment in the CofE

A week or so ago I was interviewed by the Church Times about vocations in the Church of England, and to be more specific the discernment process. The lovely people at CT have made the piece available outside their paywall, so if you are interested in what it might be like exploring a call to ordination, do give it a read, here.

And while I’m here, another short plug, if you are looking at the discernment process, I wrote a free guide to it all here on the blog. You can either read it online or download it to enjoy at your own leisure ;) 

Calling, Vocation and Discernment


A few times recently people have asked me about why I wanted to become a Vicar. Thing is I didn’t want to, it was just I felt God calling me to it. And to be honest I was in denial about the whole thing for quite some time. I wrote about it at various points on the blog so this is just a bit of a round up of those posts that were written when I was wrestling with it all. If you are interested in my journey to ordination, perhaps are seeking your own, or maybe just thinking about vocation and purpose, then these may or may not be interesting!

Purpose – This was written the first time I started to voice something around that sense of calling that was going on inside me. 
A Calling – Actually starting to think about ministry.
The O Word – Finally giving in and thinking about ordination
10 reasons not to be a Vicar – wrestling with it all
Life Changes – admitting defeat and seeing my Parish Priest
Meeting the DDO – approaching seeing the DDO 
Rebelling – being a rebel in the church
DDO Update –  last visit to DDO
Approaching BAP and plenty of doubt
General later post on Vocation/Calling
Lastly this is my free Guide to the Discernment Process in the CofE if you are looking into what it means to be ordained in the CofE, this looks in depth at what you might experience. Useful for other denominations or situations too but it is focussed on the CofE process.




Discernment Guide, coming soon…


The eagle eyed among you may have noticed a new tab on the bar above. I’m afraid for the time being its not yet viewable, I’m just getting some last min checks done, proof reading and so on. But I am so delighted that finally it’s almost ready to go, the ‘Short guide to the discernment process in the Church of England’ – snappy title I know… Some of you will know I started this 2 years ago and I’ve just not had enough time to finish it until now. So with weeks of lying on my back I’ve been able to get the last bits done. I did look originally at the possibility of publishing this in print, but for several reasons I’m going to put it on my blog for now. Firstly, because it has taken so darn long I just want to be able to share it, and secondly because I actually think it will reach more people publishing online rather than in print. Ultimately the reason behind writing this was to help others in the process so the more that can be reached the better!

I aim to publish this publicly on Thursday this week, so check back then if you are interested!