Spoken Word

A Plea to Politicians

An open ‘spoken word’ poem to UK politicians in the run up to the General Election 2024...

Look, I know many of you work hard, want to make a difference, and love your community,

But so many of us are so sick of politicians, the dishonesty, lack of integrity and impunity.

OK, that might not be your fault personally, but you are part of a system that gets tarred with one brush,

So now’s the time to pull people up, raise the bar, lift your game, aim for a royal flush.

I want to see honesty and openness, truth telling, not cover ups and evasion,

holding integrity high without any need for a deceitful persuasion.

And for goodness sake tell us when you are wrong, fess up, learn to say sorry, admit you ‘just don’t know’,

we know you’re not super human, can’t have every figure at your finger tips, nor expect you to always put on a show.

Tell us who you are, what you’re about, why you love being a politician, why are you a good bet?

I know about your party, but as a local candidate why are you a real community asset?

And less trash talk please. Tearing down your opposition and sharing of unkind memes –

you don’t win votes by being that person who consistently points out flaws or stamps on others’ dreams.

Cut the gimmicks too, no holding babies, pints in your local, or feeding your grandkid something questionable,

really I just want you to care about people, listen to your neighbourhood, generally be less objectionable.

Analysts and advisors are all well and good, but seriously will someone read the room (or the nation!)?

So many are fed up, raging, disillusioned, feel they have no part in our political foundation.

So talk to people, and really hear what they say –  the migrants, nurses and teachers, those on low income,

young carers, volunteers, those who struggle with mental wellbeing, bus drivers – not all your posh chums.

Speak to those on the ground, keeping communities alive, giving much of themselves where provisions are slim,

and the under 18s whose vote you can’t yet win, but whose future will be caught up in your political whims.

In this election season remember, all this is actually about way more than your party or you,

it’s for all you represent, for the crowd, the group, the individual too.

So please, this voter implores, less belligerence, listen & hear, be mindful and open, 

seek to do good, do better, let kindness be in your heart, and leave the acerbity unspoken.

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