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Advent hope

60 second ‘spoken word’ sermon from today on BBC Radio Sussex. This one has a nod to Tennyson and to Romans 15:13…

An empty room, an unmade place, silence is deafening in this once busy space.

A happy home becomes an unwelcome prison, not really an elected decision –

but one that we know is right, to shelter from his unseen blight.

Gathered in spirit – to see off the virus, its boundless sway to inhibit.

This Advent of waiting for joy to return, creeps longer and longer, our hearts aching as they yearn –

for a nameless future.

Anxiety runs high, thumps in our ears,

does hope really smile from the coming year?

With whispers of happiness, rumours abounding of this new frontier.


But into this melancholy contemplation, a bell rings out, its sound drifting on the breeze

Its chiming shaking me awake, beginning to thaw the limitless unease.

And a seed of seasonal hope sparks a light in this shadowy reverie

Come, O Come, Emmanuel, lighten our memories.

Our hope is in science, a vaccine, in seeking good health

but also in eternal expectation, of abundant wealth.

So this Advent, in this season of anticipation,

May the God of hope send joy and peace across the nations.

May we all have courage to know and to trust in the one we await,

experiencing the Spirit’s overflowing of true hope, as something to celebrate.

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