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A Transforming Presence

 Day 13 // #Write31Days

So on Saturday I published a quote from Tom Wright’s ‘Acts for Everyone’ which included  bit of a challenge – basically are we up for seeing the real thing? True transformation as people meet Jesus? Well that is certainly what I want to see.

At The Point, where I am Mission Pastor our vision statement reads:

Our Vision: To be a transforming presence throughout Mid Sussex…

Pioneering authentic communities

Becoming more like Jesus

Engaging with and serving the people around us

Demonstrating God’s love and compassion

Sharing the Good News of Jesus

So yes we fully take up the challenge, to see radical transformation as TW calls it. That’s more than a social action project, more than clearing a bit of rubbish or running a community cafe, it’s about people. About real people coming to know Jesus and in the process having their lives changed for good. But it’s also about us, about us actually demonstrating the love of God as we share the Gospel. That’s what our vision statement is all about, not just about out there, but about in here too. We need to continue to be transformed more and more into the likeness of Jesus, to be continually renewed, continually changed and as we do we will be a witness to those around us.

Faith is not a private thing for me, it is not just personal, it is corporate and out there and all over me. Of course that means the stakes are higher, if people know you are a Christian you need to act like one! (that doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes BTW) but we need to live out our faith in an obvious way. Personally I don’t believe you can do that quietly and by yourself, or just by going to church on a Sunday morning and nothing else.

So if we want to see radical transformation, we need to be radically transformed too…

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    October 13, 2015 at 1:04 pm

    A valuable insight into something which is very important. We don’t just wear our Christianity on Sundays and big festivals, we have to inhabit it, day in and day out.

    I strive to do this. I don’t wear a big label saying ‘look here be a Christian’ rather I hope that I act and speak as one, one whose life has been totally transformed by God’s grace into one of happiness and contentment, committed to service to others.

    I’m not sure that I come across as a wholesome representative of discipleship, but I live as best I can to Jesus’ principles for us. If that brings us in contact with those who are not believers, I hope that the contact provides a spark of light for them – and insight for me into how I might be more approachable for the Kingdom of God.

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      October 16, 2015 at 7:36 am

      Hi Ernie.
      Yes of course it doesn’t make us perfect but I think just that we recognise that is a start, and then we go on trying to be more like Jesus each day. I think that contact of light does make a big difference as you say. I read somewhere (and who knows how they worked this out) that someone needs something like 14 ‘touch points’ or times where they have come into contact with a Christian or with church, before they actually make a commitment for themselves. Just think,how many times are you being a touch point for someone each day?
      Be blessed x

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