Book Review: Moment Maker

Sorry another book review, but there’s some great books out there at the mo!

This one is ‘Moment Maker‘ by Carlos Whittaker. Pastor, Musician, Worship Leader, Writer, Blogger, Tweeter, Carlos is almost unheard of in the UK and yet in the US he has made quite an impact. ‘Moment Maker’ on Amazon UK right now has no reviews, yet the American one has 53 – and the books been out just over a week! (although by the time you read this I’ll have posted a review on the UK version…).

So, ‘Moment Maker’, what’s it all about? Well, the clue is in the title, it’s about making ‘moments’, allowing yourself time to make moments, listening for God’s guidance in making moments, recognising moments. What’s a moment? A moment is an opportunity, it’s making a memory, it’s a divine appointment, it’s a life changing experience, and so much more.

Whittaker (or Los as he is known) is an expert moment maker, wanting to get the absolute most out of life. This book is essentially a collection of stories about ‘moments’ from him and his family’s lives which he shares with raw honesty, self deprecating humour and a passion to show you how you can get more out of your life! I love the way Carlos writes, high paced; thoughts and experiences blurring into one; a riot of creativity and joy. I’ve never met the guy but I imagine he writes just like he lives his life.

Although this book is about Whittaker’s own experiences, he gives some great advice on how to get more out of your life – how to experience ‘moments’ in your life too. That said, it’s not one of those irritating self-help books by any stretch of the imagination, it’s more a collection of inspiring stories, centred on the heart of Jesus, as he notes: ‘the greatest moment maker of all time’. Most importantly it focuses on the why? of ‘moments’ – there’s great stories of fantastic things he’s done, but the important thing is the heart behind it – the why.

Reading this book, it’s hard not to be encouraged by Whittaker’s enthusiasm for life. Once I started it I couldn’t put it down, being carried through it on a wave of joy. There were such laugh out loud moments that I totally embarrassed myself reading it in public, and yet his genuine honesty allows you to experience his willingness to be vulnerable too. I literally cringed reading about his plan to woo a girl back to him (not a moment that ended well!) and I have to admit to shedding a tear as he relates how his daughter gives her life to Jesus as he almost tries to talk her out of it!

A great read, an inspiring reflection on life and well worth buying… 

Moment Maker is available from Amazon and costs (in the UK) £9.99 although the dispatch time is quite slow so if you can’t wait you can get it for kindle for £5.99.

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