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Clearing our rubbish… // #Write31Days // Day 9

As a church one event we have done every year for about 10 years now is the annual skip day on a local estate, where we help locals clear large items of rubbish and run a family fun event with BBQ, bouncy castle, games and activities. It has got bigger and better every year!

One of our team tells how in the very first year he was a bit unsure about the idea but was convinced one day in a definite God-incidence.

At the time the skip was put on the driveway of his house, and one evening he got a knock on the front door. When he went to answer he found a rather dishevelled, unshaven, chap at this door, who said ‘I’ve heard that I can put my junk in your skip, is that right?’ ‘yes’ he answered. So the chap then asked why this was so, and our chap answered that it was the church wanting to bless the community and help clear rubbish. At which point the shabby looking bloke said ‘so what you’re saying is, it’s a bit like how Jesus takes our rubbish from us for free and leaves us clean?’

At which point our guy had a moment of clarity, feeling that God had clearly spoken to him! He never saw this shabby guy again – perhaps he was simple a messenger from God, an angel in disguise…

As I said each year this event has grown and become a real fixture in the local calendar. Last year we hired the biggest skip available and had a second one and they were both still full at the end of the day! A simple idea that has not only blessed the community, but has helped us form relationships and as our angel showed, really showed the gospel message in action!

This is a video of this years event


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