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Foundations: Team // #Write31Days // Day 8

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Praying Post It Prayers for each other!

Yesterday I talked about relationships and of course you need to form relationships with the people you want to reach but it’s equally important to get to know your team too and yes to even build a team – you can’t do mission by yourself! 

With our missional outreach projects at The Point we want people to form teams that they can really commit to and know that they are all focussed on the same goal. Usually a team forms naturally around an idea or growing out of an existing home group or friendship group, but if not, I think it’s really important, if not vital, for a new team to spend time getting to know each other before they embark on any practical project work together. 

Meeting and praying, sharing meals together and getting to know one another helps people to form lasting and solid relationships that can be built upon as you reach out together. Knowing people’s skill sets, gifts and talents can help to work out who will do what, but more than that knowing people’s strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, even their personal foibles, will make anything you do together run far more smoothly!

And not just that but back to another foundation – praying together. As I said you can’t do anything without building a foundation of prayer! Praying with and for each other as well as praying for your area, project or the people you want to reach. Not only does this sow into the area but helps you to form stronger relationships.


Getting creative with prayer…

I am part of a small team that is focusing on an area locally and we have tried to pray together weekly, from about 6 months prior to our project beginning, and we continue to do that now. I really think as we have shared together the things we would like prayer for, as well as the things of our projects, we have become vulnerable with each other, allowed each other in to our lives and shared our pains and anxieties. This has only served to build our relationships and build our core group into a much stronger team. And not just that but I have made friends for life!


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