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Holy Week Reflections 2019


This year’s Holy week reflections are put together in conjunction with an online initiative #OurHolyWeek which is encouraging us all to share our thoughts on Holy Week through the week, with a prompt for each day. Do join in online and share your own thoughts via social media.

This year’s reflections are based around these single word prompts, that might help us to reflect on ourselves, and the world around us within the passion narrative. I have gone for a more visual set of reflections this year, featuring different depictions of Jesus, not necessarily following the Holy Week narrative but hopefully provoking a reaction in us. You might find some of these images difficult or emotive, and I want to encourage you to go with any feelings you encounter, explore them and ask yourself why you feel a particular way, or what the emotions might be showing you about your faith.

(If visual reflections might be prohibitive or difficult for you, previous year’s reflections are available here and feature sound in the form of Malcolm Guite’s ‘Stations of The Cross’).

Each day there are 3 things you can choose to reflect on.

  • An artwork to look at and reflect on for a few minutes
  • a one word prompt related to a scripture passage. You can use these words however you like to consider however you feel about this part of Holy Week.
  • Questions to ask yourself

You might want to just look at the pictures, perhaps you will find the scripture passages help you to focus on the Holy Week narrative, or you might find the questions helpful to continue in reflection. It’s your choice and it might be different each day.

Reflections will be posted on the blog each day, starting tomorrow…

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    April 13, 2019 at 10:59 am

    I love the idea of focusing on a word each day. I have wanted to do something leading up to the Holy Week, but have failed miserably. It’s been quite demanding looking after newborns with 3 others. Focusing on a word each day though sounds like a great idea, especially for someone who has little time. I can do as little or as much as I feel I can. Thank you for sharing.

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