Musical Interlude

So one of the downsides of the painkillers I’m currently on is that you need to take a tablet that protects your stomach from them (which is a tad worrying, I mean what is in them, some kind of nuclear power?!). This tablet has to be taken 60mins before eating and you can’t take the actual painkillers┬ábefore eating. So my current plan of action is to take the first one as soon as I wake up then lie in bed until the time is up, rather than face an hour of pain & hobbling around. This is all fine but lying in bed for an hour when you actually want to get up can be a bit dull so I’ve taken to plugging in my iPod with worship music and giving that time to God.

This album has been on the last few days, it’s a few years old but I just love it. Here’s one of my faves from the album… enjoy!


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