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Pandemic Psalm 2: escape

Had a tough few weeks but some time off last week brought me closer to Jesus. Here’s another spoken word Psalm, this time with elements from Psalms 23 and 63, and Luke 24:32. Recording outside has its perils and annoyingly even with a mic we caught the sound of the wind, so apologies for that! Full text below…

Pandemic Psalm 2: Escape

I need to escape.

These walls are hemming me in, my mind is overflowing with an unhelpful audio tape.

I can’t see the way forward, what path to take, can’t feel the shepherd’s gently guiding hand,

All around me just feels like a desperate wasteland…

OMG Where are you? 

My soul is crying out, desperately seeking your thirst quenching communication 

My mind wonders whether you’re invoking a form of divine self-isolation?

Am I really walking through this valley? 

Sensing paralysing shadows working on some sort of unconscious coup?

And then… then my footsteps are led down a path I don’t know and quiet waters come into view.

The gentle lap of sun kissed water against wood and grass, brings restoring stillness to my core

Each weary step draws me closer to you, journeying to a righteous shore.

As my landscape moves from the clutter of brick and tile, to chrome and glass, and concrete underpass, 

the grass grows taller, the air breathes it’s salt and my way becomes as clear as the watery looking glass.

Sunlit heat brings joy to my skin, creation setting me apart

Whilst The Son speaks to me on the path, soothing warmth filling my heart

And it’s here, whilst the heavens declare your glory, that clouds shielding my perspective open with a scroll,

And glimpses of light pierce my broken and weary soul.

Comfort washes over me like the presence of your covering celestial wing

And somewhere inside as I cling to your presence, my soul begins to sing.

The worry that has consumed, the fear that entangled, fades with each energising stride 

My dark tinted spectacled view, washes away with the tide.

And I realise, the answers were there all along, already planted as seeds in my overgrown mind

but an unshaded view brings nourishment, nurture and water of the living kind.

My thirst is quenched in your presence, and now I can stand and declare with joy:

Praises to the God who knows me, who sees me,  El Roi.

Your unwavering love is the greatest thing of all

Your grace and mercy washing over me like an endless holy waterfall.

So I will bless you as long as I live, I will lift up my hands and call on your name,

Singing of your goodness and declaring your fame,

and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord my whole life long, 

this shall be my eternal song.

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