Praising God

So today I simply want to give glory to God…

A few weeks ago I hurt my back. I have been seeing a chiropractor and thought it was improving. But last Sunday, when some friends were praying for me it got a whole heap worse. Really badly so, I couldn’t drive home, I was in agony! I didn’t sleep and the following day I needed help to get out of bed. I think only someone who has done their back in can understand that kind of pain. I can laugh now but it really wasn’t funny, it took me 15 mins to get out of bed moving a milimetre at a time, bawling my eyes out with my husband standing by not sure what to do with me yelling, ‘don’t touch me!’ I hobbled downstairs, unable even to pull my PJ’s up after going to the loo (which in itself was a mission…!) I then sat, well perched, on a chair crying for most of the day… I tell you this not to create a sob story, but so you understand how bad it was…

Thankfully my husband went off to the pharamcy to get me some painkillers which kicked in later that day. However I then found out I was allergic to them and had to stop and was limited only to paracetamol, and then even those were affecting me so I had to stop them as well! When I stopped taking them I thought the pain would go back to being as strong as it was, but it hasn’t! I have now been 24 hours with no painkillers whatsoever and although I can feel the soreness in my back, it is actually better than it was before I tweaked it at the weekend.
On Monday I couldn’t walk, couldn’t really function to be honest. And I thought it would be a long shot whether I would get to my BAP next week. Now, well I am almost pain-free, no pain killers and definitely going to BAP!

Frankly, I think my recovery has been almost miraculous. I saw my chiropractor this morning and described everything that had happened. But when she examined me and prodded around my back she said she was really surprised there wasn’t more evidence of the problem. I was also surprised at the marked lack of painful points when she was prodding my back. In fact I would say this is the least painful visit to her I have had!

So what changed? Well, Lots of people have been praying for me, although the only ones who have actually prayed with me since Sunday are my husband and kids. Key, I think is that a couple of people had pictures for me, or things they felt could be causing it spiritually and I have prayed through all of those and here I am…

So, I am giving all the glory to God for this healing. I honestly believe God has been healing me, I can’t see how I would have not only improved but be in less pain that I was before the weekend without some divine help!

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    May 10, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    That's so amazing, Red. Blessings for BAP. You'll be great!!

  • Reply
    Nancy Wallace
    May 11, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    Praise God. May you stay pain free and relaxed for the BAP.

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