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So it passed by without me really noticing that I have now had over 100,000 hits on my blog! WOW!! Can’t believe that I have ever really had anything that interesting to say, but if you’ve ever read the blog, thank you 🙂

So, I started this blog on 28th Feb 2010 intending to write about what God was doing in our lives in a real and honest way. Mostly I have done just that, and this blog reflects real life for me, although I have occasionally veered off topic! It is amazing to look over those 4 and a bit years and see exactly what He has done – our lives are barely recognisable to what they once were – but it’s all amazing!

So here’s a bit of a round up…

Favourite #hashtags and labels used //

Jesus – top at 23 uses, no surprise there then 🙂
Church of England 18
CFS 17
Love 10
Prayer 9

The main topics I have written on, and a few examples are //

Being called into ministry and becoming a Vicar

Well, yes I guess this has featured rather highly over the last few years… So here’s a couple of the posts around that…

CFS and illness

I wasn’t Facebooking all my posts back when I was ill so some of you won’t know that I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome some years back. It’s still a diagnosis I struggle with, although I was very definitely ill and I still have to be careful with energy levels. I wrote about being ill and the struggle to find out what was wrong, quite a lot.
Being diagnosed 2011
If you have ever known anyone with Chronic Illness, this might be helpful – the do’s and don’ts! 2011

The Church of England

My love/hate relationship with the CofE goes on… Love it but also get so frustrated by it! Here’s a snapshot of some of those posts…

Why I love the good old  CofE March 2011

I’ve had some great comments on the blog too and great guest posters. So to all of you who have ever read, commented or posted on my blog, a massive thank you 🙂 It really has been a big part of my journey and I’ve made some great friends and contacts through it too. here’s to the next 100,000 views!

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