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Resources for Mission & Outreach // #Write31Days // Day 23

So, as part of my job I’ve been putting together a list of resources for mission and outreach, and in fact this post is simply an update of a previous one but I thought it might be useful for anyone looking at this area. At the mo this is mostly links but I will be adding books in the future.

I’ve posted things under headings and with links where there are some. If anyone can suggest other things to add do let me know!


Getting started

Church Army Resources for Mission

Church Army Tips for Evangelism Sheets: (downloadable) – Basic tips and ideas, a good starting point. 

CPO – Christian Publishing & Outreach: CPO creates, publishes and distributes resources and media to promote the Christian faith. Masses of resources, posters. Invitations, etc that can be used for your own events. Also tracts, booklets and so on to order. Some more modern and contemporary than others – have a search around.

Fresh Expressions  resources for building new forms of Christian community and church planting.

Getting started with a FxC.



Church Army – Stepping into Evangelism

Intro video

Natural Evangelism Course

Grove Books – whole section on evangelism.


Working ecumenically (with other churches)

Churches Together in England – Working ecumenically

Also has some other papers on similar issues


Hope – resources for those wanting to reach their local communities. Encouraging churches to work together. Focused on key dates in the church year.



Other Resources

Reaching Muslims

Mission Theologian

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Church Mission Society and Durham University have become partners in creating an innovative seven year post: Mission Theologian in the Anglican Communion. The site which is quite new, is growing but has some useful info on it.



In the workplace

Fruitfulness on the Frontline


Disciple Kit  list of more resources



Disability and Jesus   Twitter: ‏‪@DisabilityJ 



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