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Breaking the Mould – A Year On

Well it’s one year today since my first book was published! A week before we’d gathered with ministry mums – and a ministry dad – to celebrate, talk about the life we lead and share some wisdom – with a few amusing anecdotes too.

A month later and we were in lockdown. So not exactly ideal timing for publishing a book! That meant the usual publicity, events and the like, could not happen. My publisher and I have chatted about various online ideas but to be honest, like many of you, I’ve been overwhelmed with the balance of just being a ministry mum this year. From running a food hub and helping start a local volunteer organisation to respond to the pandemic, to supporting the kids at home ALL THE TIME, with school work and well, life. I’ve barely had time to think, let alone write.

That’s what I’ve needed to do as a minister and as a mum of course, but it still makes me sad that something I poured so much into, in order to help and encourage others is probably not reaching its full potential. Is it weird that I think about it a bit like a child? It’s like those early days I nurtured it inside me, a seed of an idea gently growing before anyone knew; it was birthed as I wrote a proposal; and then its first few years of life were as I crafted it into the book it is – with help of course. Now it’s left home, finding its way in the big old world and it’s a bit like I’ve abandoned it to that. There’s the occasional contact when someone writes a review reporting on how the book helped them, or a tweet or a DM, but other than that I don’t know how it’s fending for itself or if it is reaching its potential.

I really hope it is bringing light and hope into hearts; that it is encouraging those who need a friendly voice; that it might be bringing the odd smile to a face or two; and that it might just push a few readers into taking that terrifying step into the ministry life.

I’ve been thinking about how to mark today and as with many other things, there has not been time or energy to host anything but I’d love you to join me in helping to encourage others if you can, so here’s a few ideas…

Social Media //

Could you give the book a mention on your own social media with a link to where people can buy it? For info I tend to point people to SPCK, as my publisher, but Eden, Amazon, Waterstones all stock it & sometimes have offers.

Or you could share one of the quote graphics at the bottom of this post with the hashtag #MinistryMum and do tag me in too @redjules on Twitter, @julesmiddleton on Insta, and Facebook: /pickingapplesofgold


I’m starting a thread on Twitter this morning to highlight what lockdown has been like for ministry mums, good and bad, why not join in the conversation and add your own thoughts, using the hashtag #MinistryMum

Write a short review/

If you’ve read ‘Breaking the Mould’ and found it helpful or enjoyed it, would you consider writing a short review? – and pop it on Amazon, Good Reads, any of the usual online places where you can leave a review? It doesn’t have to be super long but the more reviews, the more it gets looked at.

Or perhaps just write a few sentences of review that I can share on social media, you can email them to me here.

And if you’ve not read it yet, well then why not give it a go? here’s a few things people have said about it:

 Jules writes with insight, humour and sensitivity. She also writes with honesty and integrity meaning this book will make you laugh and cry along with her. Not just for ministry mums.

Rev Kate Bottley, Broadcaster.

As a 66 year old agnostic (at best) retired male IT consultant I am probably about as far from being a ministry mum as it’s possible to get. Yet I was enthralled by this book. Jules’ honesty, humour and insight resonated deeply with me. 

Amazon Review

This is a passionate and sometimes funny look at being a woman and a mother in ministry. But it is also about putting those things aside, about “learning the art of disappearing, to be a window and not portrait” for God. In that sense, it is a book for our time and for us all.

Katie Thomas in The Church Times

and to all of you have have supported me, bought the book, and encouraged others: Thank you xx

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